1 Hour Beach Ride (per person)


1 Hr Beach Horse Ride

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Beach rides located: Old Mining Road, Lennox Head NSW 2478

NSW is 1 Hour ahead of Queensland, due to daylights savings, commencing October 4th 2020.

Please view FAQS prior to booking

1Hr Beach Ride

Enjoy the tranquillity as you ride along the quiet and pristine beach of Lennox head 7-mile, Home to breathtaking wildlife and even the odd celebrity.
The 1 hr beach ride is great for everyone but especially first-time riders and young ones, Its the perfect amount of time in the saddle and a great way to explore our beautiful coastline

Ride Overview
Meet our friendly staff and beautiful horses at Lennox head’s, horse Beach access – see map for directions

You will be taken through a quick introduction

Then its time to meet your horses and go riding!

Head out on the trail along the isolated 7-mile beach!

 Children & New Riders

Safety is our main priority Therefore, Children under 10 will be led by a guide on the day. If the child demonstrates competence from previous experience they may be allowed to ride on their own.

New riders also require a  lead, Because after all horse riding is an activity that requires a certain level of skill. This is for both yourself and the horse’s safety. Your guide will give you instruction of the most important basics including posture, seat positioning, balance and basic control of the horse.

Due to Council regulations, the beach is a walk only

But that won’t stop you from having a great time, you’ll love our well-natured horses, the pristine coastline and all the wildlife!

Please note – Rides are Subject to availability, Please contacting prior to booking, to ensure the date/time you desire is available

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Kindly the Pegasus Team.